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Pediatric Dentistry

Children's primary or baby teeth are as important as adult or permanent teeth. They help the child speak and eat. They also hold the space for the permanent teeth to erupt and guide them into their proper place. Parents should start brushing their children's teeth twice a day as soon as the first tooth erupts. Use just a wet toothbrush for children under two years of age. Once the child is about two, toothpaste can be used but brushing should be monitored carefully to avoid swallowing of toothpaste and making sure the child spits out and rinses with water afterwards. Children should be able to brush by themselves at about six or seven years of age, but should still be supervised.

It is recommended that a dentist examine a child no later than their first birthday. The first few appointments will generally consist of just an examination. This not only checks for any tooth decay, but also allows the child to get comfortable with being at the dental office. Once the child is about three or four years old, she can get a cleaning and flavored fluoride treatment. X-rays are usually not taken until the child is about six, unless there is a specific need for them.

Once a child's permanent teeth erupt they may need sealants. Sealants are a thin resin coating placed on the biting surfaces of the teeth to provide a barrier against decay causing bacteria.

Parents can help their children maintain lifelong healthy habits by limiting sugary foods, making sure they brush twice a day and get regular dental check-ups.

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